Making the Terminator TERMINATOR GENISYS – Legacy Effects

terminator genisys

Making of Terminator Genisys Terminator Genisys required a variety of practical effects. It went from make-up to the T-800 endoskeleton to what production called the “’84 Arnold”. It was a full-size replica of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Go behind the scenes and see how Legacy Effects brought Terminator Genisys’ ideas into the real world.

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How to film an epic New York battle scene without actually being in New York!

Avengers New York Battle

As hard as this is to believe, very little of The Avengers was shot in New York City, including the epic finale. To pull off the trick, the Industrial Light and Magic crew created an intricately detailed 20-block “digital playground” that was mapped against the real thing. Check out this video to see how they […]

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JURASSIC PARK’s Spitter – Building the Dilophosaurus Dinosaur puppet

Building the Dilophosaurus Dinosaur puppet

Watch the incredible evolution of Jurassic Park’s spitting animatronic Dilophosaurus. mechanical effects designer Rick Galinson takes us through the development of that great Dilophosaurus animatronic, from studying the movements of an ostrich to a fully articulated mechanical puppet that could really spit its vile mixture of K-Y Jelly and food coloring.

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