How to Get into the Visual Effects Industry

The 5 Primary jobs of a VFx artist, and how to get one

(The video sound and lighting get a little low in a few places, but just be patient – it gets okay after a minute or two).

This is Glenn Campbell’s Presentation “The Five primary jobs of a VFX artist, and how to get one” at UAT’s Fall 2011 Tech Forum. Glenn Campbell is the Visual Effects Supervisor for AREA 51.

Glenn started his effects career by nearly blowing his face off with homemade fireworks at age 15 and has never looked back. Much of his misspent youth was dedicated to building models and blowing them up in front of a super 8 camera. In 1978 he managed to somehow enter the Cameraman Training Program – Effects Branch, which placed him as a trainee on such productions as The Wiz, Superman, Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Star Trek: The Motion Picture. After graduating, he continued on the Star Trek feature and subsequently fell in with a bad crowd, working on films of ill repute like Blade Runner, Tron, Buckaroo Banzai, Gremlins, Spaceballs, Lifeforce, Bill and Ted, and City Slickers.