Building an Animatronic Dinosaur – JURASSIC PARK T-Rex

animatronic trex

Full-Size Animatronic T-Rex JURASSIC PARK’s Full-Size Animatronic T-Rex Puppet comes together at Stan Winston Studio. SWS Dinosaur Mechanics, Tim Nordella, Evan Brainard & Richard Landon reveal the mechanical techniques and processes behind building this technological wonder. It is one of the largest, most iconic characters in film history. These videos detail the groundbreaking creation of […]

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JURASSIC PARK’s Spitter – Building the Dilophosaurus Dinosaur puppet

Building the Dilophosaurus Dinosaur puppet

Watch the incredible evolution of Jurassic Park’s spitting animatronic Dilophosaurus. mechanical effects designer Rick Galinson takes us through the development of that great Dilophosaurus animatronic, from studying the movements of an ostrich to a fully articulated mechanical puppet that could really spit its vile mixture of K-Y Jelly and food coloring. Please follow and like […]

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