Ray Harryhausen

Ray Harryhausen – The Stop Motion Legend

Ray Harryhausen was one of the early special effects pioneers who made extensive use of stop motion animation in feature films. He had the uncanny ability to make his puppets move in a realistic, life-like manner. Many of today’s effects specialists were greatly inspired and influenced by this Hollywood legend.

Jason and The Argonauts

Special Features

  • Commentary with Director Peter Jackson and Visual Effects Artist Randall William Cook
  • Commentary with Ray Harryhausen and Film Historian Tony Dalton
  • Original Skeleton Fight Storyboards
  • The Harryhausen Legacy
  • Interviews with Ray Harryhausen by John Landis

5 Fantastic Films of Ray Harryhausen

(Jason and the Argonauts / The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad / The Golden Voyage of Sinbad / Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger / The 3 Worlds of Gulliver)

Customer Review
You can’t beat the high adventure and awesome harryhausen effects present in these movies. 7th Voyage is classic cinema, with all the elements of a grand adventure, and it only goes uphill from there. Eye of the tiger is very, very 70’s, but still great, and Golden Voyage may be one of the best fantasy films ever produced. Definitely check these out if you have any appreciation for effects genius Harryhausen, or if you’re a fan of fantasy in general. Also appropriate for younger viewers, which is a plus.

L. Puddingon

Mysterious Island

Customer Review
I could watch this every day. The Twilight Time blu-ray is fantastic: Mysterious Island never looked this good. It is just one in a long line of Harryhausen masterpieces. Combine Jules Verne with Ray Harryhausen and you’ll have some idea of what this is all about. Too bad his matte paintings were overshadowed by his great stop-motion effects. Nevertheless….

Dr. Morbiuson

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